Can Your Personality Type Determine How Well You Handle Breakups?

Breakups can be really tough for some and a mild inconvenience for others. So why is there such a difference with some people? It could stem from what type of personality you possess.

Are you very sentimental and emotional? Naturally you would most likely be the person to really mourn the relationship fully but then just a quickly be over it and ready for the next romance. Are you a wild free spirit? You might just brush it off of your shoulder and move on with the carefree attitude that you always have. These are the personality types that deal with breakups the best.

The other types go through stages and are sometimes unaware just how much a romantic breakup has affected them and the way that they behave. Some people like to think that they have everything under control. So when a relationship is over they act as if they are over it and done with it. They want to be in control of the situation at all times. These are the people that have the most trouble. They do not express their feeling and allow time to grieve. They allow the feeling they are hiding to fester under the surface. Some will indulge in partying and illicit behaviors. Some will become a recluse and hide from friends and avoid social gatherings. Some will try to have a relationship with the first person that shows the slightest bit of interest. This is the dreaded rebound relationship. Doomed from the beginning, this is a tactic of people to help get their mind off of the very thing that they should acknowledge. This can be particularly difficult for the other party involved because they may have a genuine vested interest in this poor mixed up emotionally wrecked person.

Not everyone turns into a mess, however. There are those that are able to see things for what they are and what they were. They allow themselves time to get over the breakup and heal. They still make themselves available for social functions but know to limit themselves and take the time to explain to others that they are still getting over the relationship. They know not to jump headlong into the first short term relationship that they can find. It would be great if that were everyone but realistically that is a short percentage of the population.