Do men ever fake it?

If I walked up to you and told you that I believe that as many men as women fake their orgasms, would you be surprised? I think that most people would be very surprised, and when I first heard of it from a gent at London escorts, I as surprised as well. He said that he was not always able to have an orgasm when he was intimate with his partner, and found the entire topic rather difficult to talk about. In fact, he said that he had only told a couple of the girls at London escorts who he mistakenly thought were prostitutes. What makes men fake their orgasms? Did you know that men who suffer from low testosterone levels may find it hard to enjoy an orgasms?

What my gent at London escorts had told me fascinated me, so I started to look into it. It soon became clear that some of the other girls at our London escorts service were aware of the problem. One girl said that she had read somewhere that men who are very overweight, also finds it hard to have an orgasm. It has to do with weight, and obese men may produce the female hormone estrogen.

This can even make it hard for them to get an erection. Sadly men don’t talk about these things, and I would say that very few of them see them as health issues. I have been with London escorts for about five years now, and I have noticed that men have not really changed their attitude to their health. Most of the more senior gents I date at London escorts ignore signs and symptoms that something is wrong, and many do suffer health problems as a result. Good health is not only for women, it is for men as well.As men age, most of them pick up a health problem or two. The most common health problems for men are related to heart disease and prostate problems. You can help to prevent both with the right diet and exercise. Is there a link to erectile problems? There is and the link between prostate problems, heart disease and erectile dysfunction is very strong. I love reading about this topic and I often read about when I have a little break at London escorts. I do wish men would talk about their health problems and concerns.

Almost all men I know find it very hard to take about health, and let us be honest here, they find it even harder to follow health advice. Women are so much better at health and love to stay proactive. Of course, London escorts have health concerns, but I think that all of the girls I work with at the escort agency in London are really good at taking action to get things sorted out. We can help ourselves when it comes to health, and it is true that a lot of it has to do with diet. If we paid more attention to our diet, we would all be a lot healthier.